VIP show from this cam girl will make you jerk off

IsabelBrouw's rating

Final note: 8.328/10 given by BenZeNaughty

She is a queen of the VIP. Her group show follows the rhythm of her twerking so well that it's enough to get a kick out of it.
[INITIAL RATING] on 2021-12-12

If you think Colombians don't know how to twerk, Isabel will prove you wrong (same for her friend April Campbell, two queens of the twerk). Against her mirror, of course, to get a glimpse of her magnificent ass and her goddess hips. The time of a VIP show she will warm you like never before. Good on the other hand we are a little disappointed with the private ones. Maybe that's not her stuff. As for appearance, she is always completely sexy, lingerie with straps, super tight on her golden skin. In short, a great plan to get you in the mood.

Characteristics Note
Communication 7.48
Playful 8.34
Openminded 7.67
Equipment 7.87
Roleplay 7.4
Kinky 8.71
Outfit 8.03
Enthusiasm 8.88
Decor 8.37
Spontaneity 7.15
Ass 7.69
Boobs 7.62
Hips 8.03
Eyes 7.22
Smile 7.99

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