The mixture of teasing and perversion.

YoshikoYuhang's rating

Final note: 8.212/10 given by Miquitos

Don't let his profile picture fool you. She is perverse, not traditional.
[INITIAL RATING] on 2022-03-19
Don't be fooled by her profile picture, she is far from being the typical Asian that westerners imagine: traditional and shy. Her own physique already says a lot, her skin is deliciously amber while her long bleached hair and tatoos are pure western products, in fact she is a mix of the best of both cultures. Interesting details, while for most of the cam girls we are rather happy that she welcomes you in lingerie, she will have a completely casual or very feminine look, like tonight when she is in dress. It will be necessary to undress her to glimpse her perfect body, and it is finally very exciting. To discover her slender and perfectly designed body, very cute breasts and an ass to fall, after she has perfectly teased, she dances very well and knows how to show herself off without undressing (even if it is clear that we expect that). As for fantasies, we are not disappointed either, she is going to take out without any worries the nipple clamps and a third clamp that she is going to attach...well you see. All in close-up so that we can enjoy the installation. For the spanking her wide ass is a great landing ground, but you will surely prefer to see her using a didlo or fingering her beautiful pussy although a bit tight. In short exoticism tinged with perversity we love it.
Characteristics Note
Communication 7.99
Playful 8.23
Openminded 8.9
Equipment 8.32
Roleplay 7.73
Kinky 8.64
Outfit 8.45
Enthusiasm 8.04
Decor 7.77
Spontaneity 8.25
Ass 8.01
Boobs 7.73
Hips 8.18
Eyes 7.89
Smile 7.88

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