A disappointment but a model with good potential.Dominate her

Akira018's rating

Final note: 6.98/10 given by MasterAlex

An interesting body, a good start but a few mistakes that spoil the fun a bit.
[INITIAL RATING] on 2022-06-08
We thought that we didn't have the opportunity to evaluate a purely Asian woman since YoshikoYuhang is a Colombian mix. With pretty breasts it is a good choice to begin, and at the beginning it is true that we were not disappointed: erotic massage of her breasts in the oil, a good oil besides during all the show we saw her shining it was nice. But it quickly became annoying to see her fingering herself, she was playing with her lush rather than letting it vibrate inside, and when there was some action: we could see the cyprine accumulating, she took out a dildo, I thought "Cool, let's see what it will give now". Well, actually ... nothing. Worse, instead of pushing it in, she was stroking the balls of the dildo on her clit, giving the impression that she had a cock, a really bad idea. So in conclusion a lot of potential thanks to her rather nice physique, but a bad use of her equipment. Maybe by being more directive in private it will go better during her re-evaluation.
Characteristics Note
Communication 6.12
Playful 7.65
Openminded 7.85
Equipment 7.12
Roleplay 6.54
Kinky 7.23
Outfit 8.02
Enthusiasm 7.75
Decor 6.23
Spontaneity 7.98
Ass 7.85
Boobs 7.78
Hips 7.09
Eyes 8.02
Smile 7.45
What she does and looks:

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