The pleasure you will have with this model is priceless.

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Final note: 8.141/10 given by BenZeNaughty

Expensive but worth the price: long legs and bewitching voice guaranteed.
[INITIAL RATING] on 2022-06-23

A luxury model cam

So I know what some people will say 3.99 credits the private, it is not possible! So it's true it's expensive but it's the price to have a girl with a perfectly proportioned body without paying the surgeon. Yes, everything is natural and the lingerie is high end. Besides we knew the time when she wore jackets over it gave him cachet. But nothing prevents you from asking her, the price is also that she really puts herself in four to satisfy your desires.

Long legs for fantasies with erotic chats.

Her legs are so long and extend so well her sublime hips that I thought she was taller but she is already 1.68m, but it is perhaps also the effect of the heels that she loves to wear and that curves her even more. So the wheelbarrow position was a must, but the biggest pleasure was the "simple" missionary with her legs on my shoulders (she simulates this very well, very professional). 
Finally, a little bonus, she is as sensual with words as with her body, she loves to tease you with more or less hot discussions and her delicious voice, she can shout no worries but personally I like this glamorous side. Oh and I almost forgot, since she loves to be nibbled on her lovely nipples, I will ask her during the re-evaluation if she has clamps.

Characteristics Note
Communication 8.58
Playful 7.93
Openminded 8.12
Equipment 7.89
Roleplay 8.04
Kinky 7.84
Outfit 8.52
Enthusiasm 7.86
Decor 7.54
Spontaneity 8
Ass 7.89
Boobs 8.13
Hips 8.25
Eyes 7.97
Smile 7.99

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