Outstanding looks, exciting performance for this model.

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Final note: 8.378/10 given by Miquitos

Killing outfit different from other cam girls. But that's not all - give his backstroke a chance.
[INITIAL RATING] on 2022-03-12
She is really the queen of the small details that kill, she was made to be a model. We will mention in bulk her long extensions, the nipple piercings and the little diamonds on her pussy. But she is not content to be a collection of accessories, her beautiful eyes and her naughty smile that she wears permanently turns you on and even before starting you know that you will have a good time. It is a bit long in coming, but well it is the game and with her it passes so much she is pleasant to look at. But once some buzz to which she is very sensitive, she is really playful and obedient, with her big mouth she is really gifted for sensual blowjobs, with small initiatives like tapping your cock on her tongue, we didn't feel like trying a deep throat but I think it does. In doggy style it's a joy to have long braids to pull while you fuck her, a narrow pussy but a little bit of lubricant and she goes all the way. she plays very well with her mirror especially with all her physical particularities it's appreciable. And finally we recommend to be ridden, she really has a great kidney stroke. In short a super performer and whose physique contrasts with the other cam girls.
Characteristics Note
Communication 7.89
Playful 8.17
Openminded 7.95
Equipment 9.02
Roleplay 7.25
Kinky 8.13
Outfit 9.56
Enthusiasm 8.22
Decor 7.65
Spontaneity 8.1
Ass 8.02
Boobs 7.71
Hips 8.07
Eyes 9.02
Smile 7.97
How she looks:
What she does:

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