Perfect blond girl

AllieWay's rating

Final note: 8.132/10 given by Miquitos

Behind the tattoos, a rough diamond of Russian beauty and also great enthusiasm and playfulness
[INITIAL RATING] on 2022-02-12
Her big tatoos contrast with her clear eyes and her blond Slavic beauty. However, she is not skinny like some models, just look at her ass to understand it. She gives everything in pre VIP and if you find at this moment that she moans like a cat in heat wait for the VIP or the private and you will understand. As she is often on her knees during the freechat or the pre VIP we tested her in cowgirl, just to be able to look at her little nipples on her breasts, two pink candies, and it was really good she moves quite well, but clearly with such an ass she is made for doggy style and to be put good spankings. And you can feel that she loves it. She talks a lot with a very sexy imploring voice, I noticed that while I was thinking that at her next evaluation we would try anal because her asshole is really large, I think it dilates well. A detail but that we find important, on a VIP with a little ambitious goal she did not hesitate to throw it anyway, and she really assured the show.
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Characteristics Note
Communication 7.97
Playful 8.17
Openminded 8.11
Equipment 7.16
Roleplay 7.5
Kinky 8.47
Outfit 7.98
Enthusiasm 8.18
Decor 7.92
Spontaneity 7.75
Ass 8.32
Boobs 7.93
Hips 8.08
Eyes 8.18
Smile 8.45

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