A soft skinned and very open-minded cam girl.

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Final note: 8.145/10 given by Miquitos

Soft skin, hard spanks, great pleasure. This latina is physically atypical but so sensual.
[INITIAL RATING] on 2022-04-24
A very beautiful smile, half-sweet, half-elegant, well ok her body is not made of voluptuous curves but it is particularly harmonious. We were seduced from the VIPs so I will not dwell on it, probably by a really sexy attitude, she knows how to make herself beautiful and especially to make envy. What strikes first in her is, without even seeing her in real, her skin which seems so soft, so, in private I began by a doggy which ended completely lying on her and her ass which bounced while I licked her back, a real delight. It was not difficult to ask her what we wanted, she communicates very well in English, sometimes a bit too much lol, but when I asked her for anal she said ok against buzz, ok she doesn't cheat, it's cool, especially since she details the different possibilities, several fingers, fisting, plug or didlo. Ok it's open bar, the beauty is not afraid of anything. In any case certainly not of spankings, she has a real gift to make them slam, that motivates. Just before the anal she took the initiative to decorate the doggy with the additional vibrating toy, nice! In short, a very sensual experience for this pretty girl who goes out of the physical clichΓ©s of the standard latina but who compensates by her charm and her sex appeal.
Characteristics Note
Communication 9.16
Playful 8.64
Openminded 8.37
Equipment 8.17
Roleplay 7.64
Kinky 8.24
Outfit 7.68
Enthusiasm 8.11
Decor 8.05
Spontaneity 7.85
Ass 7.56
Boobs 7.58
Hips 7.94
Eyes 8.68
Smile 8.36

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