An obedient cam girl for anal and dirty.

AngelikaMoebius's rating

Final note: 8.031/10 given by MasterAlex

Who would have thought that this slightly rebellious cam model would be so obedient and let you take her through every hole.
[INITIAL RATING] on 2022-08-08

A bad girl becomes really naughty

Her tattoos had seduced me from the start, making me forget her skinny body. From the way she was blowing off the assholes in the pre-VIP show, I quickly understood who we were dealing with, a real bad girl, so I didn't expect her to give herself up easily in the pre-VIP show, but she didn't come to do some sewing. From the first seconds it is almost dry anal that she proposes, and she goes there frankly, putting herself in front of us so that we enjoy the show.

Small details that are detrimental to this obedient cam girl.

As we said she is a little thin attention on the forms it can go but her arms for example. In short it's probably also that which gives the impression that her dildo strokes are "automatic", some will find it hard, I prefer when she mounts her dildo with small movements while she gobbles the other one in sloppy blowjob, but these small details are perhaps the price to pay for a cam girl who is really obedient and gives herself to the full.

Characteristics Note
Communication 7.63
Playful 7.98
Openminded 8.23
Equipment 7.84
Roleplay 7.23
Kinky 8.36
Outfit 8.01
Enthusiasm 8.12
Decor 7.56
Spontaneity 8.09
Ass 8
Boobs 7.87
Hips 7.12
Eyes 7.86
Smile 7.75

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