A good time in so many positions

AnitaFendi's rating

Final note: 7.926/10 given by Miquitos

A good time in so many positions. She has naughty ideas, you have control of cam2cam.
[INITIAL RATING] on 2022-02-10
The range of services she offers is as big as her height (5'7"). You can smoke her if that's what you really want. But personally, I think I'll smoke her after I fuck her in the wheelbarrow position. That way you can not only enjoy her long legs around your waist and fuck her, but you can also admire her incredible smile. The good thing is that she has many facets, like her erotic outfits. From tenderness to real domination, and that's what Slavs know how to do, it freezes your blood but makes your cock stand up. We asked her about her preferences and we did the cancer test with her. She can put her ass so high that it was really good. So there you have it, nothing remarkable, nothing flashy, but you have a good time with her, and it opens up a lot of options for you, like her pussy.
Characteristics Note
Communication 7.91
Playful 8.12
Openminded 8.3
Equipment 8.69
Roleplay 8.36
Kinky 7.83
Outfit 8.69
Enthusiasm 7.81
Decor 8.03
Spontaneity 7.94
Ass 8.18
Boobs 7.13
Hips 8.21
Eyes 7.58
Smile 8.04

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