Sexiest cam girl is AprilRouse: all styles in one

AprilRouse's rating

Final note: 9.637/10 given by Miquitos

Angel face, ย but there's a kinky devil inside, in this review discover how she can be glamour, naughty or playful.
[INITIAL RATING] on 2021-11-16

A kinky state of mind

As she says herself "In private everything is possible". And that's true !!!. That's why April has our best rating so far, she can be absolutely anything you want. Romantic, naughty, thirsty for intense sex. It's no coincidence that her favorite position is doggy style, but we all remember facials on this site after a sensual blowjob.

Contagious good mood

Always in a good mood, her smile would almost make you forget her incredible ass. As for the outfit, she has outfits all the most original and sexy than the others. No cheating, she is as sexy in VIP as in private. And we have a good time even in free chat because she is so funny. In short, April is all the women you can dream of with still something more that you did not consider.

Excellent use of her equipment

Whether it is her excellent zooms, the perfect use of her mirror, or her various gadgets, she perfectly masters her environment, leaving her all the space of her room which is very large to dance, twerking, or to make you languish by simulating a doggy, she does not remain sitting while waiting for a private show.

Characteristics Note
Communication 9.02
Playful 8.95
Openminded 9.23
Equipment 8.15
Roleplay 7.95
Kinky 9.76
Outfit 8.94
Enthusiasm 9.81
Decor 8
Spontaneity 8.75
Ass 9.32
Boobs 7.21
Hips 8.3
Eyes 9.17
Smile 8.95

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