A teen already pro but full of freshness.

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Final note: 7.945/10 given by Miquitos

Cam show from a real teen falsely shy. Already a pro with her tight little pussy.
[INITIAL RATING] on 2022-02-27
We thought she was falsely innocent, she really looks her age, 18, small voice, small laugh and a face that seems to say "maybe I am, maybe I'm not" but as she told me privately "it's just my face that looks shy". It's true. And besides in pre VIP she is really comfortable if you want to watch her there is often very little to remove so that she is completely naked. Her body is superbly tanned, it is very juvenile, really a teen, almost no tatoos, everything is natural obviously, it is quite refreshing. Sensitive to the buzz it's a real kiff to make her vibrate, so we interrupt a little bit, one of her dirty talks, she talks a lot but it makes the effect, she knows how to do it. She is already very professional, and maybe it will be the #bestcamgirl2024 ? Who knows?She lacks few things to reach the level of the best. Maybe a trademark, something very original, although it's nice that she is obedient and playful. In the meantime you can play with her tight little pussy, she really needs some lubricant, it's not fake, her moans are a proof, especially since she has really big dildos, but in the meantime it's still a pleasure to feel cramped on this body that looks so fragile ...But it's just an impression like the rest. To discover.
Characteristics Note
Communication 8.01
Playful 8.15
Openminded 7.89
Equipment 7.23
Roleplay 7.14
Kinky 7.69
Outfit 7.82
Enthusiasm 8.02
Decor 7.56
Spontaneity 7.46
Ass 7.97
Boobs 7.88
Hips 8.23
Eyes 7.78
Smile 8.89

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