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Torrid and tender.

CarlaColucci's rating

Final note: 8.019/10 given by BenZeNaughty

It's called cubana in spanish but we should said colombiana! This cute cam model redefine all the codes. Take a look at our guide.
[INITIAL RATING] on 2022-02-10

Unforgettable breasts and a titsjob

If I had to fuck a friend it would be her, she's so soft and tender. I didn't say we were just going to touch hands. Besides, considering the size of her breasts, you'll go through them first ;) But what happiness, natural with good big nipples, we loved to lick them and to gobble them up and she likes it too (make her buzz, her little moans hmmm). The Spanish titsjob was just great, we feel that she does it often, the little trickle of saliva on my cock to lubricate everything was just perfect. Her lingerie is also always top notch, refined stuff around the garter belt. Oh fuck, I almost forgot her deep voice, she puts well in the atmosphere, it's a happiness.

A good ride better than her doggy

We were less convinced by the doggy, she does it well, it's cool, but it's not really the build you think about when you choose that. She is more made for what we talked about and eventually get on top and let you caress her breasts while she rides you, and yes with her we always come back to that. And last but not least,she is really really nice, funny and playful.

Characteristics Note
Communication 8.15
Playful 8.02
Openminded 8.11
Equipment 7.96
Roleplay 7.42
Kinky 8.12
Outfit 8.87
Enthusiasm 8.11
Decor 7.63
Spontaneity 7.78
Ass 7.89
Boobs 9.15
Hips 7.86
Eyes 8.04
Smile 8.15

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