The best choice for "classics" bodymods on a cam girl.

CharlotteWinter's rating

Final note: 8.143/10 given by Miquitos

A top level physique: bodymod, harmonious body and adorable face with clear eyes. And a cam girl who does what she promises.
[INITIAL RATING] on 2022-07-13

The hottest cam girl with bodymods

Obviously there are a lot of tatoos, the amateurs will appreciate how they contrast with her angelic face, clear eyes and small dimples. But there is also the piercing in the tongue, too rare for our taste, that she uses perfectly to titillate our cock between two deepthroat perfectly executed on a big didlo moreover, that goes in easily and there is a bonus but we will not spoil it to you it is at the level of breasts. We leave you the pleasure to discover, it makes you want to suck them even more while listening to her sweet voice whispering naughty things.

A show that keeps its promises

Very sensitive to buzzes she likes to feel them in doggy or she lets see her charming face, and as announced, she keeps all her promises. And when she says "spanking" it slams well. She alternates very well the positions, I shuddered a little when she attacked the fingering with her super long nails but she knows perfectly how to caress her superbly shaped little pussy. In short a show that kept its promises, it lacks maybe a little fantasy but it was worth it. I can't wait to test the cow girl with her.

Characteristics Note
Communication 8.02
Playful 8.01
Openminded 8.09
Equipment 7.66
Roleplay 7.59
Kinky 8.23
Outfit 8.63
Enthusiasm 7.91
Decor 7.69
Spontaneity 7.82
Ass 7.98
Boobs 8.23
Hips 7.97
Eyes 8.37
Smile 8.28

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