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Final note: 8.137/10 given by Miquitos

Half naked she waits for you while eating her string. And that's not the only thing she'll eat.
[INITIAL RATING] on 2022-05-05
Half-naked but hiding just what it takes even if she has curves to fall, licking her shoulders and other parts of her dream body, her face is a little aquiline we were not excited but that is a matter of taste, she begins her pre VIP. On the back she still manages to get up on her heels, we are still in pre VIP and she already makes go back up her string between her legs for even more teaser. she twists in all the directions we feel already that she is ready to give everything for the continuation. She even simulates a hand that strangles her or ate her thong. We feel that we are going to spend a good moment when it is going to start and it leaves illico on a blowjob on a huge didlo, no effort her throat seems to be made for the deep throats. It's a pity that we see a little too much that her breasts are redone because when her saliva slides between the two to lubricate her pussy it makes vibrate. When she fingers her pussy it's obviously with a plug in her ass. And on the fingering she goes hard, especially as she is popular there are people to buzz and make her scream in...Spanish. Personally we loved it. She contorts herself in all directions, needless to say that we will surely review her in private but there I already had difficulty to recover.
Characteristics Note
Communication 8.15
Playful 8.83
Openminded 8.25
Equipment 7.13
Roleplay 7.21
Kinky 7.89
Outfit 7.95
Enthusiasm 9.12
Decor 7.59
Spontaneity 8.76
Ass 7.46
Boobs 7.98
Hips 7.85
Eyes 7.13
Smile 7.02

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