A cam girl a bit unexperimented but interesting anime face.

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Final note: 6.963/10 given by MasterAlex

An interesting face reminiscent of an anime character but a little lack of experience or enthusiasm for this cam girl a little thick.
[INITIAL RATING] on 2022-08-16

Fucking an anime character.

I admit at first the elf ears left me a little skeptical, but I liked her red colored  hair, I had the impression that I was going to fuck a cartoon character and not a character from the Lord of the Rings lol. (But she told me at the end that she was adapting the style of the ears to her personality, I don't know what that means). I quickly forgot about it when she offered me a big facial and I admit I liked to dirty her face a bit ( she has a gel that imitates the cum) even if a didlo ejaculator would have been the must.

Second act: a little less professional for a thick cam girl

When we attacked the anal, I felt that even with the lube it would not work, so I did not insist and we came back to good old doggy, and there ok she moves the dildo but the movements, or their absence rather make us believe in it. After that it was interesting to see a body a little bit "thicker" than what we usually see, we can grab it from everywhere, it's nice. Come on, a little more effort and less special ears and we will have a good performance.

Characteristics Note
Communication 6.56
Playful 7.75
Openminded 8.08
Equipment 7.08
Roleplay 7.47
Kinky 7.84
Outfit 8.65
Enthusiasm 5.96
Decor 7.64
Spontaneity 6.35
Ass 7.82
Boobs 7.81
Hips 7.05
Eyes 7.75
Smile 7.86
What she does and looks:

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