Even with a full mouth you will hear her moan.

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Final note: 7.369/10 given by Miquitos

Live webcam of a deepthroat specialist. Trying it is fucking her mouth.
[INITIAL RATING] on 2022-03-06
A very special physique for this cam girl, the two-tone brown/red hair is nice, it changes, on the other hand the make-up suggests a rabbit who has myxomatosis with her red eyes. Pity. Another thing she is really skinny. But ultimately the important thing is to eat and with the deep throats she does we can say that she eats well in ahegao, especially since the sound is at the top we hear the gag reflexes very well. We will also enjoy her cries of a female dog in heat which are really sexy. In addition to sound, she uses her camera quite a lot. For the VIP side, she really animates her show and even if the duration of the VIPs is a little short, we get our money's worth because she doesn't drag. In doggy she gives herself a lot even if the view on her back is not a dream and her ass like the rest is a little skinny. In conclusion, if you are looking for a good deepthroat this is the right candidate but for the rest it is really a matter of taste.
Characteristics Note
Communication 7.14
Playful 7.16
Openminded 7.75
Equipment 7.51
Roleplay 7.02
Kinky 7.86
Outfit 6.84
Enthusiasm 7.12
Decor 7.51
Spontaneity 7.28
Ass 7.36
Boobs 7.34
Hips 7.86
Eyes 7.24
Smile 6.98

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