A James Bond cam girl

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Final note: 7.892/10 given by Miquitos

Extra large holes and spirit. Enjoy the opening of this James Bond girl.
[INITIAL RATING] on 2022-02-20
We promised to make a change from the Latinas, and what a change. Not only is she Caucasian, but she has short hair with a James Bond villain style. It's original. Her lips are also very full, the kind of lips that are perfect to wrap around your dick while she sucks you (by the way, with short hair, you can see everything perfectly). The sound is excellent, you can even hear her sighs, even if they are not moans. As for the moans, we have a small reservation, when she does a dilding, it sounds a bit like monkey cries, not very sexy. It is not because of the whirring that you will get them, she is not very sensitive to her vibrating toy, at the same time nobody can accuse her of making a movie. Not very communicative, we will focus more on her tight framing, which allows us to see how she moves her lust just by contracting. But it is true that she is well endowed, a well drawn and ample pussy, there is only to see the size of her dildos, that she sucks or that she pushes, she goes to the end and without any difficulty, she really gives herself to the full. Between two deep throats she knows how to take the time to lick well, we loved it, as well as her pretty breasts and a rather original lingerie which changes a little from what we usually see.Ah and one last specialty we can take her as a missionary while she easily puts her feet behind her head, but really eh! And easy! When we tell you that she is open ;).
Characteristics Note
Communication 8.12
Playful 8.03
Openminded 9.12
Equipment 8.01
Roleplay 7.88
Kinky 8.13
Outfit 8.1
Enthusiasm 8.17
Decor 7.67
Spontaneity 8.65
Ass 8.21
Boobs 8.42
Hips 7.82
Eyes 8.04
Smile 7.82

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