A lack of experience compensated by a sublime body.

EvaVais's rating

Final note: 7.829/10 given by Miquitos

A nice body but she lacks a little experience. Teach him to have a good time with your cock.
[INITIAL RATING] on 2022-02-20
She doesn't cheat in length and when she releases her perfect ass from her bodysuit we know we're going to have a good time, she pops the button in a good tease, but when she sticks the first spanking there we know we're going to have a VERY good time. In fact there is nothing wrong with her physique, I would say that everything is natural and well proportioned, even her curly hair is at the top. Well, in the team we don't like big lips but it seems that it's better for blowjobs, which she does quite well by the way, nice and deep even if the saliva is not there and even if the choice of a brown dildo is debatable. She does well what we expect, there might be something to try on sodomy with her hole as wide as her little pussy is tight. She reacts well to the buzz, that's nice. But she changes all the time to come back regularly to the doggy spanking, we have a little impression to turn in circle. In short she still lacks a little experience to animate her show, but she is physically quite good, she gives her all. To be continued.
Characteristics Note
Communication 7.81
Playful 7.02
Openminded 7.59
Equipment 7.01
Roleplay 7.32
Kinky 7.56
Outfit 8.16
Enthusiasm 8.56
Decor 7.89
Spontaneity 7.24
Ass 8.12
Boobs 7.98
Hips 8.23
Eyes 7.78
Smile 7.95

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