So many ways to play with that ass.

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Final note: 8.125/10 given by Miquitos

A great bottomed latina who know how to move.
[INITIAL RATING] on 2023-06-25
What a gorgeous physique this cam girl has! Her athletic hips and superb ass make her even more captivating, especially in positions that require flexibility. What's more, she's got incredible control over her movements, which are both slow and hard-hitting, and guaranteed to leave you breathless. In fact, we opted for a shot against the wall, although it's a shame she doesn't turn more to better appreciate her perfectly made-up face. However, it seems that she puts too much emphasis on her magnificent ass, even though she also has a superb face and a crazy physique. As I mentioned earlier, she's certainly capable of adopting exciting positions, but it's true that when I saw the way she caressed her dildo with her ass to tease us, I was like crazy. In any case, I forgive her, because the whole thing is simply irresistible.
Characteristics Note
Communication 8.02
Playful 8.27
Openminded 9.03
Equipment 7.83
Roleplay 7.12
Kinky 7.98
Outfit 8.33
Enthusiasm 8.9
Decor 7.15
Spontaneity 7.65
Ass 7.99
Boobs 8.4
Hips 9.02
Eyes 7.83
Smile 8.48

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