Her look says it all, no need for preliminaries.

LenaRosen's rating

Final note: 8.129/10 given by Miquitos

Cam live with a rock n roll latina. This girl asks you with her eyes but gives it to you with her ass.
[INITIAL RATING] on 2022-02-28
She will surely welcome you in leather, she loves to wear it and it suits her and her firm little ass. It will contrast with her sexy secretary glasses, but in reality we would all like a secretary like that, dressed like Erin Brockovich, but in reality a real tease. She's going to talk to you quickly, already before the VIP and the private and now she's going to make you hard just by telling you what she's going to do. And there are things, the most drooling blowjob of the story, after the strip where she had to remove all, and they are numerous, all the layers of leather, hmmmm that was striptease as we like. When she positions herself doggy style to remove the last piece to be taken you can hear her squeal so tight. It makes me think that I didn't ask her if she was into bondage, but I wouldn't be surprised if she said that's her style. In any case on the very violent anal we made her scream, no more teasing me with her dirty talks, now it's time for bone savagery and the best thing is that she wants more. It lacked spankings but maybe we didn't ask enough because she's really afraid of nothing.
Characteristics Note
Communication 8.42
Playful 8.86
Openminded 8.05
Equipment 7.92
Roleplay 7.85
Kinky 8.19
Outfit 8.14
Enthusiasm 8.41
Decor 7.66
Spontaneity 9.11
Ass 7.93
Boobs 7.12
Hips 7.56
Eyes 7.84
Smile 8.02

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