An incredible erotic power behind a temperament of fire.

Leyah's rating

Final note: 8.134/10 given by BenZeNaughty

Not a curvy girl but an incredible erotic aura.
[INITIAL RATING] on 2022-07-31

Not a doll's body but an erotic aura

Even though she is not as buxom as we imagine a cam model to be, she has a graceful body and slender legs. But especially when she moves or caresses herself everything seems so fluid and a look from her is enough to make you take off. When she touches her nipples with her fingers and asks you if it excites you and then plunges her fingers into her pussy faster and faster, it's impossible not to want to take her, we started as missionaries but soon enough she had the idea of raising her legs and imitating very well the gesture that she surrounded my neck with. Delicious.

Small errors related to its fiery temperament.

On two VIPs, two different testers noted that she answered annoying people who asked for things outside the VIP topic, or specific things without tips. This breaks the rhythm of the VIP a bit and loses the magic of the moment when you can just ignore them. Not a big deal, but her aura is based on her sensuality so it shows right away.

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Characteristics Note
Communication 7.44
Playful 8.12
Openminded 7.95
Equipment 7.63
Roleplay 7.71
Kinky 7.86
Outfit 8.01
Enthusiasm 7.98
Decor 7.56
Spontaneity 8.53
Ass 7.32
Boobs 7.25
Hips 7.75
Eyes 8.09
Smile 8.32

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