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Final note: 7.791/10 given by MasterAlex

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[INITIAL RATING] on 2022-07-26

A really cute cam girl

A little side "cute girl", she is really sweet even when she gives pleasure for yours, if it is your thing we can talk with her without worries, she is quite funny on this side cam girl playful she reminds us a little AprilRouse and obviously for us it is a reference, her dirty talk on the other hand lack a little vocabulary, in the action impossible to use the translator so it is more complicated. A point to improve.

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But we didn't come to play Scrabble. And if she likes foreplay, which will be an opportunity to lick her perfectly waxed and deliciously pink pussy, we'll want to get serious. The prospect of taking the little pussy in question from behind is done on the side to appreciate her face in full ecstasy and listen to her little voice asking for more and her sexy moans of a young girl like during a first time, really hard.

Characteristics Note
Communication 7.12
Playful 8.1
Openminded 7.79
Equipment 7.59
Roleplay 7.96
Kinky 7.89
Outfit 7.86
Enthusiasm 8.23
Decor 8.01
Spontaneity 8.09
Ass 7.89
Boobs 7.98
Hips 8.02
Eyes 8.03
Smile 8.31

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