Youth makes this girl so desirable in live.

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Final note: 8.02/10 given by BenZeNaughty

The most lovable girl next door is also the sexiest neighbor in the area.
[INITIAL RATING] on 2022-09-04
Imagine your sexy neighbor who ignores herself and one day she forgets her keys, you invite her into your apartment and there you make love to her. Selena that's it. A little shy girl but just like her gorgeous lingerie is always ready, she's always up for sex. Be nice, don't leave her alone. I talked about her fine lingerie, but let's focus on these magnificent breasts, two beautiful globes with nipples to die for. She likes to be played with. She communicates a lot but no longer by keyboard, she has a small keyboard(all girls should have one like that). It's okay for role-playing when it gets a bit complex in English and she doesn't have to stop completely. Side positions, classic, but a cute ass.
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Characteristics Note
Communication 8.13
Playful 8.09
Openminded 7.83
Equipment 7.56
Roleplay 8.84
Kinky 7.7
Outfit 7.95
Enthusiasm 8.01
Decor 8.36
Spontaneity 7.31
Ass 7.95
Boobs 7.98
Hips 7.28
Eyes 7.84
Smile 8.58

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