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Final note: 8.433/10 given by Miquitos

A buxom cam girl but not only. Discover the talents of a real woman.
[INITIAL RATING] on 2022-05-08
Tired of teens you are looking for a real woman! But you don't have to look for a mature woman... We have what you need! we arrive and tight leather dress and belts on her firm ass, so much so that she almost has difficulty to remove it but we feel the profession and the teasing. For her the heels it is a natural extension of its magnificent legs. In VIP she does not hold in place, she loves what she does and it shows. She loves the buzz but we feel that it is internalized, no cinema with her. Moreover if one is quickly returned to the fundamentals of caresses of its incredible breast, some buzzes and it passes in doggy, and there one is on heavy. It's so firm that even when she bounces nothing looks flabby. In private I asked her for a good little blowjob, oh my god her little tongue swirl on the tip of my cock, while she looked at me with her little mutinous eyes, I held out but when she attacked the tit job I admit I exploded, she masters it to perfection including the little details when she comes to hit her nipples with your cock. The next evaluation, I'll take viagra, and I'll attack her in doggy because seeing how she spanked her ass, she's only waiting for that and there's potential.
Characteristics Note
Communication 8.11
Playful 8.89
Openminded 8.12
Equipment 7.76
Roleplay 7.82
Kinky 8.05
Outfit 8.87
Enthusiasm 8.23
Decor 8.41
Spontaneity 8.39
Ass 8.86
Boobs 8.24
Hips 8.36
Eyes 8.02
Smile 7.95

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