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Fingering for this busty Russian.

MashaSpaces's rating

Final note: 6.756/10 given by Miquitos

Fingering from a busty slavian. But don't expect too much action.
[INITIAL RATING] on 2022-04-12
A very nice body, a charming face, an ok outfit but finally for what? The highlight was when she licked her nipples with her long tongue but apart from that what happened? She fingered herself for a while, then finally a beginner's mistake, she forgot to put her lush, which doesn't seem to do much for her, but there were a lot of people to buzz. Yes, she also fingered her ass, I almost forgot, but nothing very exciting. 7 minutes of VIP like that is a long time not to cum and not even seem to appreciate. So if you are a Slavic physics fan you will find your account but don't expect much action. Really a pity.
Characteristics Note
Communication 7.21
Playful 7.41
Openminded 7.96
Equipment 7.02
Roleplay 5.56
Kinky 7.23
Outfit 7.9
Enthusiasm 5.85
Decor 7.85
Spontaneity 7.75
Ass 7.98
Boobs 8.78
Hips 7.78
Eyes 7.86
Smile 6.94

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