This cam girl has an explicit pre-recorded show.Look what is waiting you!

A big disappointment, this cam girl yells at you while you pay.

MawiFoster's rating

Final note: 2.231/10 given by Miquitos

An insulting cam girl. See the story of how the evaluation process was stopped early on.
[INITIAL RATING] on 2022-02-01
Some models are easier to evaluate than others. Context: we always take a VIP show in our methodology. There we take for 5 credits. Although the model is very insistent that we take more, really very insistent, the objective is not reached, she tells us that she is going to start another one and we give 5 credits. The same. And there Mawi insults us. I skip the details. This incident has been reported to site support. We therefore decided to stop the process there. We will therefore confine ourselves to what we have seen: a static model, with a Barbie side that does not appeal to us either. We can't be sure but we saw a lot of shoes in his room. Foot and shoe fetishists may therefore find what they are looking for. Mawa being half-Filipino, she has a rather atypical face, maybe that can also please you, as well as the disproportionately large nails. Here we would have liked to say more but we did not want to, I was of good will and I was insulted.
Characteristics Note
Communication 0
Playful 0.1
Openminded 3
Equipment 5
Roleplay 0
Kinky 1.23
Outfit 7.59
Enthusiasm 0.29
Decor 7.14
Spontaneity 1
Ass 7.45
Boobs 8.15
Hips 8.19
Eyes 7.12
Smile 2.91

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