Petite cam girl, the mini russian cam girl

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Final note: 7.789/10 given by BenZeNaughty

Small but for maximum pleasure. Find out more reasons in this evaluation which explain why this petite babe is not so innocent.
[INITIAL RATING] on 2021-11-01
With her little voice, as small as she is, you immediately find yourself in a climate of freshness and youth. She is young and enthusiastic. But not inexperienced or shy. Small clues like her piercing let guess that the fire is hiding under the snow of Russia. She has normal shapes but we especially want to take her and make her understand what her sugar daddy wants. She is super communicative, even in free chat, and will go out of her way to meet Dad's requirements. During the tests we did not see a lush, it's a shame, because we would have liked to hear this little moan or howl when we buzz. But it does it all the same very well without. She brings a little originality to the physique of the Slavic beauty and that is also good. Small initiatives on what we may want to do dirty are also a little more.
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Characteristics Note
Communication 8.68
Playful 8.47
Openminded 7.79
Equipment 7.9
Roleplay 8.74
Kinky 7.79
Outfit 7.53
Enthusiasm 7.34
Decor 7.52
Spontaneity 8.69
Ass 7.99
Boobs 7.3
Hips 8.3
Eyes 8.67
Smile 7.62

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