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Final note: 8.125/10 given by Miquitos

Not "sensual" but those curves will delight you as much as his enthusiasm to ride you.
[INITIAL RATING] on 2022-06-16

This girl: the definition of curvy

If you don't have the definition of curves, one: you're missing out, two: good news Anastasia will demonstrate what it looks like. I can hear the grumblers saying "yeah, but breasts are surgery!". Right? So what? It's good surgery, not too much, not too little, so no titsjob because they are so firm that they are not very mobile, but I'll come back to that.
The reception is always impeccable, often in bikini or bustier, she speaks English quite well. But above all she really has a smile, and she will bend over backwards to find the outfit you are looking for, all while singing and she will put it on in front of you, so no scam like "I make it last off camera, he will see nothing".

In doggy or riding you this cam girl is a real delight

She masters very well the art of striptease, and even if everything is so out of the ordinary that we can guess what is hidden underneath it is a real pleasure to see her undress. But the serious things begin there. We were not convinced by the blowjob, neither dirty, nor deep well ok, let's move on to the good stuff. I would have had her in real life, even without the spankings that I would have given her and that she reproduced to perfection, she would have come out with the red ass of the doggy style that I did to her so much I would have hung on. She gives everything, I should have asked her to put herself in profile to see her body and her face but the view on her ass which undulates.Oh my god.
I said I would come back to her breasts, to finish me off I asked her to straddle me, she does this to perfection looking at you with her perfectly made up eyes waiting for you to cum. And while she straddles you her breasts don't sway back and forth and that's a great bonus in this position.

Characteristics Note
Communication 7.99
Playful 7.14
Openminded 8.52
Equipment 7.86
Roleplay 7.64
Kinky 8.58
Outfit 8.15
Enthusiasm 8.36
Decor 7.53
Spontaneity 9.06
Ass 7.51
Boobs 8.36
Hips 8.85
Eyes 8.37
Smile 8.2

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