This model is the sweetness before the storm, or not...

NiaCollins's rating

Final note: 7.951/10 given by Miquitos

A good mix of sensuality and bestiality for this latina who will make you cum with her ass firmed by her high heels.
[INITIAL RATING] on 2022-07-18

Teasing and sensuality version latina.

Nia is above all a certain sensuality, it shows in her lingerie, the silk puts it very well in value, the stockings also that she loves to wear and she knows how to use them to make (a little too much?) of teasing. But she does it very well, lascivious dances and caresses delicately touching her caramel skin. Finally a girl that we appreciate taking the time to undress, even if behind all that we know that there is an incredible ass, well curved on her high heels.

But also a fiery temperament?

When we finally get to the serious stuff, we are already very excited, so letting her get on top of you in "reversed cow-girl" is still the possibility to chew her ass, and eventually to guide the rhythm by grabbing her by the heels. But she really surprised me when she said "I think you're hard enough now, get up", and started a really wild blow job before a good facial. I really liked that she took the initiative and behind it she did great. Unfortunately it's not always like this, there are days when other testers had something more classic. But it might be worth a shot.

Characteristics Note
Communication 7.81
Playful 8.02
Openminded 7.46
Equipment 7.54
Roleplay 7.62
Kinky 8.03
Outfit 8.13
Enthusiasm 8.18
Decor 7.49
Spontaneity 8.32
Ass 8.11
Boobs 7.82
Hips 8.34
Eyes 8.01
Smile 8.13

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