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Final note: 7.712/10 given by BenZeNaughty

A bit classic but everything is compensated by gems and a great look.
[INITIAL RATING] on 2022-09-14

A cam girl who comes on command.

If you are looking for a girl to make you moan on command Nicole is the ideal candidate, she is super sensitive to the vibrating toy without doing too much, it's quite pleasant but we can see it quickly, even in pre-show she lets go between two lascivious movements she has the secret, it prepares for long fingering sessions, she makes quite long VIP so we have plenty of time to enjoy it, especially since they are full of users. Her sexy moans will not be the only indication that she takes pleasure, she is very creamy and we can see the cum accumulate, and she will not hesitate to lick for our greatest happiness.

A little bit classic execution compensated by a great look.

We are a little more disappointed on the private, not because of her chest a little small (but pierced, very cute) but rather on a lack of originality in the realization, a blowjob is not just sucking her toy you have to know how to play with it, on the other hand she takes initiatives and films very well her sensual movements and her change of positions. A small axis of improvement therefore even if it remains very pleasant. And that her blue hair look, piercing of madness make a model to share, a little in the style Suicide Girls.

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Characteristics Note
Communication 7.23
Playful 7.45
Openminded 7.84
Equipment 7.75
Roleplay 8.12
Kinky 7.81
Outfit 9.03
Enthusiasm 8.84
Decor 7.71
Spontaneity 8.02
Ass 7.89
Boobs 8.09
Hips 7.74
Eyes 8.12
Smile 7.95

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