An hairy and natural cam model full of surprises.

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Final note: 7.521/10 given by Miquitos

This 100% natural cam girl will know how to surprise you.
[INITIAL RATING] on 2022-08-23

A totally natural cam girl

The proof that you can have a beautiful body without surgery, she is certified 100% natural and to the end... since she even has a hairy pussy, the fans will appreciate. It's not even trimmed. The naturalness is also in the way she moans and reacts to buzzes, it's a real pleasure but she doesn't overdo it like some, here we really have the impression to deal with her girlfriend who takes her pleasure.

Excellent initiative during the shows

In private as well as in VIP she will go out of the beaten tracks to offer you little surprises that will make you get hard even more. From the classic didlo penetration in front of the cam, she will suddenly start to ride you, and she does it very well, as all her movements are very real, in this example she zoomed in on her ass and her hips so that we can concentrate on her little quick movements.

Characteristics Note
Communication 7.87
Playful 8.33
Openminded 7.96
Equipment 7.45
Roleplay 8.01
Kinky 7.89
Outfit 8.12
Enthusiasm 8.75
Decor 7.56
Spontaneity 9.02
Ass 7.82
Boobs 7.95
Hips 8.23
Eyes 8.07
Smile 8.06

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