A cam girl queen of deepthroat with ahegao.

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Final note: 7.875/10 given by MasterAlex

Deepthroat of madness with ahegao it can be enough to make u cum.
[INITIAL RATING] on 2022-05-19

We take back everything we said about ElizabethCartier, we may have found the real queen of the deepthroat. It started with a pre-VIP ahegao worthy of the best and a very realistic simulation of what it would be like afterwards. She also took care to film it from an angle that made it look like she had it on the end of her cock. She kept it up for a long time and kept everyone in suspense, even pointing her two dildos next to her mouth, which got quite a buzz. And when the VIP started, mamma mia... Forget her transparent bodysuit and her little innocent air, she took out a much bigger dildo, and started to lick it sensually, in all directions, to hit her tongue with it, and to give herself little slaps, the whole during one minute, really exciting but we couldn't take it anymore, then she put it in, at first without difficulty because her throat is really deep. And then the totality passed there until the balls, her eyes revolted, and there gag reflex without forgetting to jerk off between the two, the saliva still dripping of her mouth, from time to time small pause licks or jerk off so that we ask again for it but she really made the job. On the other hand, she finished 25 seconds before the end, not cool, to test in private to see what it will give but it seems promising. We'll keep you posted.

Characteristics Note
Communication 7.84
Playful 8.15
Openminded 7.89
Equipment 7.56
Roleplay 8.15
Kinky 8.54
Outfit 7.98
Enthusiasm 8.65
Decor 7.06
Spontaneity 8.12
Ass 7.5
Boobs 7.5
Hips 7.5
Eyes 8.16
Smile 8.63

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