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A cam girl out of the norm and thick.

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Final note: 8.027/10 given by BenZeNaughty

Cam girl show with an athletic latina. If you feel like dominating her she gives the maximum.
[INITIAL RATING] on 2022-03-14
She will surely be already in lingerie when she will welcome you, she has XXL shapes, and she shows them. But all her physique is out of norms. Her ass, her chest deliciously embellished with two piercings. If you are tall you have found the ideal partner, just look at her shoulders of swimmer and you will understand that you will not risk to break it, I think that we can classify it in the category "thick". On the other hand if you are small like me, a girl like that who takes me in her arms I feel protected and assaulted in all directions at the same time. But she is not only that. She's latina and she moves well, she's hot and she's a bad girl if the huge tattoo on her belly didn't let you think so before. Her voice is too hot and when she touches herself you can feel that she's into it. Besides she says it, she talks to you and begs you to fuck her, preferably a good doggy style or anal in the same position, there is height you will have to raise your cock high. She has nothing against a good missionary either while she licks her breasts, if necessary she will help you to lubricate by spitting on her pussy, no worries, we are on the good hottie, moreover when she sticks a dildo she goes to the end no worries. In short, if you have the stature, go for it!
Characteristics Note
Communication 8.81
Playful 8.37
Openminded 9.2
Equipment 7.29
Roleplay 7.63
Kinky 8.56
Outfit 7.89
Enthusiasm 8.92
Decor 7.15
Spontaneity 7.87
Ass 8.13
Boobs 8.15
Hips 8.13
Eyes 7.36
Smile 8.57

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