Live cam from young submissive girl.

ScarlethHudson's rating

Final note: 7.629/10 given by MasterAlex

An introduction to submissive girls. Enjoy being a master especially since in addition she's very attractive.
[INITIAL RATING] on 2021-11-03
She has a little Asian side for a Colombian but that goes rather well to what she wants to do: BDSM. But the real amateur in our team tells us that we are far from that. We chose to consider it a good introduction to these submission practices. We played well with our submissive, when I asked her to slap herself while she was sucking me she didn't mind. We would like her to rebel a little from time to time, in order to be able to punish her. She knows how to use her equipment well, the chain to which she is attached with a collar, for the need of a good facial supposed to simulate a bukake she used fake sperm, she had it everywhere, and as she is cute in addition c was pretty cool. Good on the other hand the negative point is the sound, we really have the impression that we locked it up and that we communicate by radio, the video is fine.
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Characteristics Note
Communication 8.114
Playful 8.795
Openminded 7.356
Equipment 8.364
Roleplay 8.151
Kinky 8.173
Outfit 7.451
Enthusiasm 8.473
Decor 8.054
Spontaneity 7.364
Ass 7.384
Boobs 8.526
Hips 8.557
Eyes 7.295
Smile 8.069

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