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Final note: 8.021/10 given by MasterAlex

Savage camslut, check her limits. Her notation give you a clue. She didn't have. And you ?
[INITIAL RATING] on 2022-02-06
Between us she is called the "piston of Bogota". It comes from the fact that I found her physique relatively ordinary, but that was before I arrived a minute late for her VIP show, I thought she would still be teasing and stripping but this slut was already doing a double penetration at an incredible speed (ok the dildos were flexible but still). And she didn't stop, she really gave her all. We saw the cum accumulating on the dildos. So ok that's a bit wild for the site it's on, but at least you get what you pay for. Otherwise, as I said, a relatively ordinary physique, not unpleasant, but there are Latinas with thinner faces and more golden honey skin. She is rather attentive and there is not much that scares her. If you want to go wild, she's the one to go see.
Characteristics Note
Communication 7.28
Playful 8.89
Openminded 9.1
Equipment 7.01
Roleplay 7.02
Kinky 9.56
Outfit 7.49
Enthusiasm 9.15
Decor 7.81
Spontaneity 9.23
Ass 9.1
Boobs 7.89
Hips 8.08
Eyes 7.69
Smile 7.63

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