Go,go for ahegao !

hellstarr's rating

Final note: 8.135/10 given by MasterAlex

[INITIAL RATING] on 2023-05-21
Her look goes radically from the wise girl you want to pervert to the sex bomb in lingerie. Do not be rude to her and she will return it to you in many different forms: a good slobbery blowjob with aheago, a good little doggy style on her harmonious forms. When she speaks to you with her sensual voice, you don't know who is the more mischievous of the two. She bewitches you by asking you questions about you but quickly we attack a striptease and nastier things. But beware, she has her limits, no facial for example, but the range of her desires and the enthusiasm we hear in her moans is enough. She gladly takes small initiatives like a little spanking and we like it. Very professional and natural.
Characteristics Note
Communication 7.33
Playful 7.86
Openminded 8.75
Equipment 7.89
Roleplay 8.75
Kinky 7.89
Outfit 7.48
Enthusiasm 8.55
Decor 7.18
Spontaneity 8.8
Ass 7.41
Boobs 7.62
Hips 7.58
Eyes 8.2
Smile 8.17
What she does and looks:

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