A model cam with an innocent face to pervert.

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Final note: 7.911/10 given by BenZeNaughty

Maybe a little beginner she makes very well the false innocent, but the long legs of this cam model will convince you.
[INITIAL RATING] on 2022-05-28
Apart from the slight tan that puts a doubt this blonde Colombian would almost think of a Russian model. Excellent reception in black dress and lingerie, finally a girl that we can undress! On Jerkmate moreover we did not have the impression that it was the tendency. So we asked for a little strip to take advantage of it, she did it very well and we first discovered a small but very firm ass but especially long legs, she did rather well on a not extraordinary but rather sexy dance and made us then the false modest before offering us the surprise of small breasts with nipples to be licked joyfully so much they are beautiful. She makes the innocent very well but the piercing in the lip and the choker let predict that it is going to be hot. After a good session of cow girl where her legs allowed her to give good amplitude to the movements we could appreciate this piercing of more ready for a very lascivious blowjob with small moans of hotness, she knows her basics she does not hesitate to make tap once from time to time her toy on her tongue. If at the beginning she had a little difficulty with her cam after she knew how to take the good angles and the good zooms. But there... problem, frozen image, the platform or network in her room? I think for the second solution because it appeared offline after and the other webcams were working properly. Not a disaster it can happen but we will be vigilant when re-evaluating. In short a good model super cute, if you like long legs and false innocents for 2.19 per minute the private it's worth it, hoping that it cuts in the middle lol.
Characteristics Note
Communication 6.95
Playful 7.45
Openminded 7.78
Equipment 7.42
Roleplay 7.12
Kinky 7.68
Outfit 8.12
Enthusiasm 7.86
Decor 8.12
Spontaneity 7.05
Ass 8.02
Boobs 7.89
Hips 7.75
Eyes 7.89
Smile 8.05
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