A black beauty who twerks to perfection.

EvelinLopez's rating

Final note: 8.413/10 given by Miquitos

Cam show of a real black beauty.Her twerk will convince you.
[INITIAL RATING] on 2022-03-05
Our first review of a black beauty. And what a beauty! Anyway we can't help but see her since even in pre VIP she almost never wears anything, she gives everything even when the guys ask but they are only to be voyeurs and she doesn't complain. We love her attitude as much as her body, graceful, a nice little ass that we will take pleasure in spanking on our knees or during an anal a little unbridled as she likes them so much. So perfect makeup highlights her almond eyes and her chocolate skin that we want to crunch. But she likes to crunch, oh not too hard, during a good fellatio a little wild. In short, you will have understood that there is not much to throw away on this black cam model who also loves to practice dirty talk. Too bad for the braces but it is relatively discreet and you will be focused on other things. Breasts quite normal and a devastating twerk. A real specialty, perhaps it lacks another or more spontaneity to reach a better note.
Characteristics Note
Communication 7.56
Playful 8.23
Openminded 8.11
Equipment 7.52
Roleplay 7.02
Kinky 8.21
Outfit 8.47
Enthusiasm 9.16
Decor 7.38
Spontaneity 7.2
Ass 8.02
Boobs 7.62
Hips 8.14
Eyes 8.53
Smile 7.23

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