A nympho and determined cam girl.

SaraCalypso's rating

Final note: 7.721/10 given by Miquitos

An authentic nympho cam model.It only stops at the squirt...and not yet.
[INITIAL RATING] on 2022-03-29
So let's be clear right away, we're talking about an authentic nympho. To summarize I would say that even if she wasn't paid I think she would still do cam shows lol. To start with the atmosphere, we can say that she was far from sitting, against all the rules of her site she was completely naked in pre-VIP and she was already fingering herself, not just caressing to tease a little, no no, she was fingering herself. So as she seems to be a little known there were people to buzz and it became huge when the VIP started. To speak a little about her body, a rather nice ass, perfect breasts, I have a doubt on if they are natural or not but when we doubt it is rather good sign. No need to ask her to shut up, she'll make genuine moans whenever necessary, and she'll do everything to make it happen, looking at you with the eyes of a depraved woman who wants more. The deepthroat, not a problem, even if the choice of the rainbow toy is debatable, it spoils a bit but anyway, she goes so fast that it's maybe your secret not to have reflex gag easily (after some prefer). And to finish, as everyone was buzzing his vibrating toy, a squirt as I rarely saw. So we went for the private option, a little cowgirl move that was not bad but she takes a little too much initiative and does not listen enough, when I asked her to turn around she ignored my request, in short, perfect for the VIP if you do not mind sharing with many people. But maybe we should have explored her BDSM inclination, that will be for the next review.
Characteristics Note
Communication 7.67
Playful 8.54
Openminded 9.21
Equipment 7.12
Roleplay 7.51
Kinky 8.54
Outfit 7.51
Enthusiasm 8.37
Decor 7.85
Spontaneity 8.09
Ass 7.89
Boobs 8.23
Hips 7.96
Eyes 8.05
Smile 7.48

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