Huge breasted girl gone wild, calm her down.

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Final note: 7.241/10 given by MasterAlex

A YouPorn fantasm, but for one time you are the director. And there's lot of scenarios.
[INITIAL RATING] on 2022-01-08
So yes, she does a little too much, we would think we were in a Youporn video, with a big-breasted milf ready to make us happy. Except that it's us at the controls. And the joystick is all hard because she knows how to do it, a good titsjob between her breasts. In addition she has new equipment, I had never seen a toy that projects a white liquid, perhaps not sticky enough, ideal for good cumshot, the facial is perfectly true with this material. On the other hand, the English level is basic, don't ask him to tell you exciting things, and be precise on your requests because when we ask for a sensual strip and it lasts... 5 seconds, we are far from the account, she will try to sell what puts her in value so especially her natural breasts (it is flexible she manages very well to lick them). But by coaching her well we can take pleasure on a good doggy style, her ass is not bad either, and at least she will make herself beg for moaning while you ass fuck her. Deep throat is good too, although her toy is quite big. To try but you have to plan some time and be a little bossy.
Characteristics Note
Communication 8.22
Playful 8.04
Openminded 9.05
Equipment 8.41
Roleplay 8.13
Kinky 7.36
Outfit 7.74
Enthusiasm 7.96
Decor 8.56
Spontaneity 8.1
Ass 7.93
Boobs 8.35
Hips 7.81
Eyes 7.64
Smile 7.41

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